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Professional Counseling

with Rachel Fuller

Meet Rachel

Licensed Professional Counselor


It is with great hope and compassion I welcome the opportunity to work towards growth and healing with you. It takes courage to come willing to share what is going on and what makes life so painful. You will find that talking in a safe and confidential space allows for relief and rest and is often times the first step towards peace. It is also my desire to come alongside and provide you with some perspective, insightful tools and helpful frameworks for what is right and good in life. My hope is for you to engage in our time together feeling more empowered to make the changes in your life that create lasting health both for yourself and in your relationships. Therapy can sometimes feel like it hurts more than it helps when addressing the hurts, challenging the blind spots that can keep you stuck. Yet, pushing through the tough stuff together is where the most significant and lasting changes occur and it is always worth it. If you are willing, I look forward to that journey with you!


What I Specialize In




Life Transitions


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When circumstances become overwhelming, it is easy to find yourself alone. The truth is you don’t have to be.

Rachel has been so helpful when I was struggling the most! I never felt judged and was able to deal with my anxiety through the tools and help she gave. I am so thankful I found Rachel!

- Client

I was in such a dark place and Rachel was really there for me when I felt so lost. She helped me feel better about my self, and better understand how healthy  relationships work! I feel like a much more functional human being since working with Rachel.

- Client

Rachel listened, cared, and gave me tools to process through my past trauma which has made a huge difference in my ability to cope with present struggles. I feel so much more hope about life now.

- Client

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